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Accidents lead to damage in various ways, and people's rights to compensation vary. It is important to consult specialists who can provide information on your rights and the remedies available.

  • Traffic accidents

    Traffic accidents

    When individuals are injured in a traffic accident, they can have a right to compensation from the driver's accident insurance or an automobile's liability insurance. In most instances, it does not matter whether the person involved was at fault or not…

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  • Work accidents

    Work accidents

    Those who are injured in a work accident can have a right to compensation from wage earners’ insurance that an employer must buy for its employees, from the employer's liability insurance or from…

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  • Fishermen's accidents

    Fishermen's accidents

    Fishing is dangerous work, and fishermen ought therefore to have an extensive right to compensation if they are physically injured in an accident while doing their work. They do not therefore have to prove that the accident may be attributable to events for which the employer is responsible…

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  • Accidents during leisure hours

    Accidents during leisure hours

    Very many people have bought homeowner’s or family insurance from their insurer. For this insurers have put together insurance packages to facilitate their customers…

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Fortis – with you all the way

Fortis’s attorneys provide victims of accidents with all of the information on their possible rights and liabilities. They assist the victims in giving notice of the accident to the insurer and others that it is important to notify of the accident, such as Icelandic Health Insurance if a work accident is involved.

  • 1. Notifications

    It is important to discharge the duty to notify an insurer since delay in giving notice of an accident can lead to the lapse of a victim's right to compensation.

  • 2. Information Gathering

    Fortis's attorneys take care of all information gathering for the case. Fortis thus gathers all necessary documents for the police, doctors or other specialists and governmental institutions.

  • 3. Assessment of Consequences

    In most instances it is timely to assess the consequences of an accident a year after its occurrence. However, there can be exceptions to this rule, such as if a victim has had to undergo a procedure due to consequences of the accident that delays the recovery process.

  • 4. Settlement of Compensation

    In many instances an agreement is reached with an insurer or a payer of compensation on compensation payment, but in instances where an agreement is not reached, Fortis's attorneys see to filing an action.

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