Work accidents

Work accidents

Those sustaining traumas in a work accident can have a right to compensation from:
– Wage earners' insurance that an employer is obligated to purchase for its employees
– An employer's liability insurance or from
– Icelandic Health Insurance

depending on the circumstances each time.

There is usually a right from wage earners' insurance if an employee is injured at work or en route directly to or from work. There is no need to prove that the accident is the responsibility of the employer or someone for whom the employer is responsible.

For there to be a right to compensation from liability insurance, a victim must prove that the accident may be attributable to events for which an employer is responsible, e.g., if conditions in a workplace were not in good order; equipment was broken or defective, or another employee made a mistake causing the accident.

When a work accident is involved, people must take particular care to notify Icelandic Health Insurance. An employer can also have a duty to notify the Administration of Occupational Safety and Health.
If an accident is compensable from an employer's liability insurance, a victim can have a right to payment of compensation for temporary loss of income, suffering, chronic pain and permanent financial disability. In addition, a victim has a right to repayment of some out-of-pocket expenses because of the accident.

The relatives of someone dying in an accident at work have the right to repayment of funeral expenses, and close relatives, especially the spouse and children, can have a right to compensation for loss of a provider.

Fortis’s attorneys can assist victims in checking their rights because of the consequences of an accident at work.