Accidents during leisure hours

Accidents during leisure hours

Many people have bought homeowner’s or family insurance from their insurer. For this insurers have put together insurance packages to facilitate their customers in selecting appropriate insurance.

Many of these homeowner’s or family insurance packages include coverage of accidents occurring during leisure hours. They are intended to ensure compensation for people in the household suffering injury in an accident during leisure hours.

The terms of these leisure-time accident insurance policies vary by insurer. It is therefore necessary to acquaint oneself well with the type and composition of the relevant insurance package.
It is common for a victim to have the right to repayment of medical expenses up to a certain limit, payment of per diem for temporary work disability, in addition to compensation for permanent consequences of the accident.

Each person's compensation right requires checking, based on the terms of the insurance policy applying to it.

It bears mentioning that some occupations’ wage agreements include an agreement with employers that, in addition to being insured during work hours, they are also insured during leisure hours.
Fortis’s attorneys can assist victims in checking whether they have a right to compensation for an accident they had during leisure hours.