Tips & Useful Advice

It is urgent to go to a doctor immediately after an accident to receive treatment, get a diagnosis of the trauma and record it in a personal medical report. If you have not gone to a doctor immediately after an accident, it is important to go to a doctor as soon as possible.
If a long time passes between the occurrence of an accident and going to a doctor, it can be difficult to prove that a trauma is the result of an accident. Insurers can refuse liability, based on a lack of proof that a trauma is related to an accident.

Go to an attorney and gather information on rights and liabilities.
The relevant insurer must be notified of an accident as soon as possible because, in some instances, the right to compensation can lapse and be lost if there is delay in giving notice of the accident.

Fortis’s attorneys provide all information and assist in giving notice of the accident.

Hold on to the originals of payment receipts for expenses because of doctors, medicines and physical therapy, so that it will be possible to demand reimbursement for the costs from the relevant insurer or damage instigator.

Hold on to clothing and other objects damaged in the accident since the insurer can request the clothing and objects for inspection.
It is not uncommon for a victim to think that he has no right to compensation if he was at fault in a traffic accident. This is not so, and there is a right to compensation even though a victim was at fault when he was injured. It is therefore necessary to go to an attorney to get information on compensation rights and legal status.
It should be pointed out that drunkenness and/or use of intoxicants can cause a right to compensation to lapse.